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The Mobile Voting Precinct (MVP) is the most responsive and viable option for many issues that can arise on Election Day.

Launched by Printelect in July 2010, this 38-foot, precinct-centric designed vehicle features 15 voting stations, a spacious two-person registration desk, efficient traffic-flow design and ballot box/touch screen placement, and full ADA compliance.

Invest in the MVP for your jurisdiction and avoid many of the common voting problems that are prevalent in states across the country:
As a fully functional election command center, the MVP enables election jurisdictions to run successful elections from any location. Equipped with registration desks, individual voting stations, ballot scanners, touchscreens and ADA voting equipment, each vehicle creates the opportunity to reach voters where they live and work. From nursing homes to rural areas, each election jurisdiction can ensure that all voters have an equal opportunity to cast their ballot in a given election. The unit features its own power via a generator, or can be hooked up to any building's power.

The MVP ensures that election jurisdictions are well prepared for any natural disaster or external factor that may disrupt the voting process. From hurricanes and floods to earthquakes and fires, election jurisdictions around the world have helplessly watched as important polling sites are destroyed instantly. In these times of crisis, the MVP acts as an emergency-response voting vehicle to ensure all voters the opportunity to participate in the democratic process.

All state and local election offices understand the importance of voter capacity at each polling site. During peak voting hours, when lines are long and patience is limited, the MVP is an excellent resource for relieving overcrowded polling sites. As a temporary polling site, the MVP will seamlessly provide temporary capacity relief before moving to another overcrowded location.

The MVP is an excellent resource for conducting voter registration drives throughout the state and local communities. Use the MVP's mobile capabilities to travel throughout communities and reach out to potential voters directly.
The MVP is a valuable asset in promoting informed decisions throughout the state, city and county governments. When used in conjunction with voter education drives, the MVP creates a learning opportunity for voters to better understand the election process. Use the MVP to educate voters about voting equipment, polling locations, sample ballots, candidates running for office and voting procedures.

Mobile Voting Precinct Van

As a turn-key election solution, the MVP allows unions, corporations and associations to execute fair and independent elections. The MVP easily travels to various locations and seamlessly connects multiple locations, branches and geographic regions. From registration and check-in to the casting of ballots, the MVP promotes the democratic process in any organization.

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